gBrainy 2.06

Keep your brain in good shape with this game


  • Different types of logic games
  • Create statistics with results and performance


  • Plain design


gBrainy is a package of games for PC users that challenges your mental capacities on many different levels.

Following the trend of brain workout games started by the popular Brain Training on the Nintendo DS platform, here comes gBrainy, a pack of games that will challenge your brain in different ways.

gBrainy is actually a port of a Linux-based game, but it works fine on Windows too. It includes a bunch of questions and exercises classified into three categories: logic puzzles, mental calculation exercises and memory trainers. gBrainy features a simple, clear design, which means you shouldn't expect bright colors or spectacular graphical effects. It's just a plain window where the game displays questions and you simply enter an answer.

You can pause gBrainy at any point. When paused you can obtain quite complete statistics about your performance and results, as well as some tips to improve your score the next time you play the game.

gBrainy is a plainly designed game that helps you improve your logic skills with different types of exercises.

gbrainy is a brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained. It provides the following types of games:

  • Logic puzzles: Games designed to challenge your reasoning and thinking skills.
  • Mental calculation: Games based on arithmetical operations designed to prove your mental calculation skills.
  • Memory trainers: Games designed to challenge your short term memory.



gBrainy 2.06

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